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This newsletter is focused on founders and startups. My goal is to inspire more individuals to take a chance and pursue their dreams of changing the world by creating a company.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the most powerful pursuit for improving the state of the world and humanity.

To inspire and educate folks, I also do the following:

  1. This Week in Startups is a podcast for and about founders.

  2. The All In podcast is a weekly show about technology, markets, and science.

  3. Founder.University is a 12-week course for founders (remote, at night)

  4. LAUNCH Fund is my early-stage venture fund which invests in 100 new startups a year

  5. TheSyndicate.com, a collection of angel investors that have invested in ~300 deals.

  6. ANGEL, my book on angel investing.

  7. Angel.University, a course on investing in startups.

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